Crazy Easy Infused Butter

Welcome back to another Munchie Monday’s in my Kush Kitchen!

Guys, I used to hate making infused butter aka cannabutter. It was a long and smelly process but it’s necessary for any Kush Kitchen.

After some research and experimentation, I have found the best way to make you own cannabutter!

I am obsessed with my Instant Pot, like my immersion blender, it’s well loved and has become a staple in my kitchen. I’m sure any other pressure cooker would work just as well, but you may need to tweak the time or settings.

I knew I needed to make 2 sticks of cannabutter, with one stick containing 100mg of extract

200mg (mg I want in butter) / .7125 (Potency) = 280.701mg

280.701mg * 1000 = .281 g of wax needed. Further rounded to .28g of wax.

*** I used more cannabis CO2 oil in mine because future recipes require it. The butter amount remains the same.

Place your concentrate into a glass dish or canning jar. The instant pot comes with a wire rack for steaming, or use a different way elevate the dish. Place dish and fill the pot with water. The water level should rise midway up the container.

Close your pressure cooker and seal. Set to high pressure for 7 minutes, turn off warming feature.

When the instant pot finishes decarbing our concentrate, do an instant realize. You can cover the steam spout with a towel.

Place softened butter into your container. It will begin to melt and mix into our oil. Place the lid on with the valve set to seal. Place on high pressure for 15 minutes.

Once again do an instant release of pressure. Mix the butter to ensure even dispersion. Remove from instant pot, and blend for about 5 minutes while bowl cools down.

Place in fridge and let cool for 1-2 hours.

That’s it! Literally!

You can use this butter in cookies, brownies, to flavor your veggies! Use in a ‘baked’ potato, or mix with cinnamon for a cinnamon butter to pair with toast or biscuits.

Don’t use this to sear or fry food as that will cause the THC to degrade. This butter is meant to add flavor and should not be used if the temperature will go over 350F

How are you gonna use this recipe? What infused recipes would you like to see?

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush

Mantequilla de Cannabis Facil Loca!

Bienvenidos a otro Munchie Lunes en mi Kocina de Kush!

Güey, solía odiar hacer mantequilla de cannabis. Fue un proceso largo y maloliente, pero es elemento básico en una Kocina de Kush.

Después de un poco de investigación y experimentación, he encontrado la mejor manera de hacer tu propio mantequilla de cannabis.

Estoy obsesionada con mi Instant Pot, como mi licuadora de inmersión, es muy querido y es un elemento básico en my cocina. Puede usar cualquier olla a presión, pero es posible que deba cambiar la hora o la configuración.

Sabía que necesitaba hacer dos palitos de mantequilla, con uno palito que contiene 100mg of THC/CBD.

200mg (mg ) / .7125 (Potencia) = 280.701mg

280.701mg * 1000 = .281 g de concertada. Redondeado a 28g de cera.

Usé más aceite de cannabis en mío por futuro recetas. La cantidad de mantequilla se mantiene igual.

Sitio tu concertado en un plato de vidrio o frasco de conservas. El Instant Pot viene con uña rejilla para cocinar al vapor, necesitarías alguna forma de elevar el plato. Sitio tu plato dentro de el Instant Pot. Llenar con agua. Agregue agua hasta que llegue al centro del frasco.

Cerrar la olla a presión y sello. Establecer a alta presión durante 7 minutos. Desactiva la función de calentamiento

Una vez terminado, libere la presión. cubra la boca de vapor con una toalla, mientras se libera la presión.

Coloqué dos palitos de mantequilla dentro del plato, comenzará a derretirse y mezclarse con el aceite/concertado. Una vez más, coloque la tapa y selle. Ajustado a alta presión durante 15 minutos

Última vez! liberar la presión y luego mezclar con una licuadora de inmersión por cinco minutos.

Dejar enfriar en la nevera durante 1-2 horas

Esteban hechos!

Puede usar esta mantequilla en productos horneados o para dar sabor a las verduras. No se recomienda si la temperatura es superior a 350F.

Cómo usaras tú mantequilla de cannabis? ¿Alguna receta que quieras leer a continuación?

Auténticamente Tuyo,

Kelcie Kush

Better Sleep with a Chronic Illness 5 items Zebra’s need for better sleep!

Being a Zebra, is difficult not only am I constantly making sure I walk properly so I don’t trip and dislocate something, but sleeping is a nightmare. I toss and turn because after a while things start to hurt and then I need to move.

Even though I sleep a lot I never felt rested so by the weekend; I’m exhausted and don’t want to do anything but sleep. Being extraverted, I felt angry that I couldn’t have more fun because I was unable to fell rested.

After talking to my doctor, changing prescriptions, and making some changes to my sleep routine, I am able to wake up far more rested. Thus letting me get more done throughout my week while still being able to have fun and spend time with my family. I do encourage you to talk to your doctor! We decided to change my anti-depressant to one that also has pain relieving side effects, we also added a nightly anti-anxiety and sleep aid so that I can fall asleep quicker.

The following items have helped me, as a Zebra, to wake up more rested and refreshed!


Everything you heard is true! I thought I would hate a weighted blanket, but it helps me fall asleep quickly and makes my sleep more restful. I fell into a bad habit of not being able to sleep, so I spent all day in bed trying to rest, but that made things worse. Using the blanket has decreased the time it takes for me to fall asleep, and I hardly notice the blanket now. It did take some time to get accustomed to the blanket, the first night I only used for about half the night. My weighted blanket is the standard 15 pounds, which I chose to make sure I could fall asleep and as a daily weight-lifting challenge. You may want to purchase a lighter weight or make your own, but seriously if you do nothing else get one of these!

2. AN EYE MASK bonus if it also serves as headphones

I have been using an eye mask for years because it forces me to fall asleep. I used to spend hours awake just trying to fall asleep but constantly opening my eyes. Using an eye mask cancels out all of those distractions and I don’t worry about lights waking me up. I recently made an upgrade and chose an eye mask that included head phones, and I love it. It is bright pink and huge and is perfect with the crazy schedules that my husband and I have. I can turn on a meditation or music on the headphones to help me fall asleep or to keep me sleeping when Kyle wakes up at 4am.


I know this sounds weird, but it really has helped be ‘loosen’ up at the end of the day. I get muscle and joint pain, which makes sleeping really difficult. I have started a 15 minute decompress routine, I use the foam roller to massage my neck, back, and most of my muscles. I usually place it under my neck for a minute, and then slowly move it down to my lower back. If an area needs more time to stretch, I will sit there and rock back and forth to gently loosen up my muscles. It also helps me elevate my knees when I’m sitting in bed, or placed behind my lower back support.


Okay, maybe not all the pillows but I do have a lot of pillows because I never know which one will help me when I have joint pain. I have 2 regular pillows, and use one for my head, the second can be cuddled or prop up a shoulder. I also have a body pillow for when every joint needs extra love and help. I found a less fluffy body-pillow works best for me because I like to use them for gentle sleep support.


A topical is any product which is applied to the skin like a lotion, cream, or salve and they have given me targeting pain relief. You can make your own topicals fairly easily (subscribe to my blog for future recipes) but there are many decent ones in the Colorado market. I prefer topicals that are in a stick or tube, like a chapstick or deodorant container, because it is way less messy. The other benefit is that in a tube it becomes like a targeted massager so that I can both apply the topical, increase blood flow, and work out any knots all with one product! Pretty cool right?!

I have noticed a huge change in my sleep quality since using these in my sleep regime, and am constantly looking for more ways to getter better sleep. What has helped you sleep better?

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush

Infundido Agave en Español!

Hola Amigas!! Estoy aprendiendo español y estaremos traduciendo algunas publicaciones. Me ayudarás a aprender? Por favor! El vídeo aún no está en español… tal vez después?!

Estoy muy muy muy emocionada para esta blog pero my primero vídeo YouTube por el Kocina de Kush, y comienza nuestra Munchie Mondays serie. Vámonos a la blog parte de esta publicación!

He estada usando THC y CBD para ayudar a mi Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome por años prefiriendo hacer el mío edibles; yo odiaba el proceso tradicional de infundiendo un aceite con marijuana porque olía y nunca supe mi dosis. Yo use principalmente para los beneficios para la salud, necesito conocer cuantas miligramos por porción.

Bueno aquí hay un consejo de él industria de cannabis: tu edibles favorita son hechos con aceite de cannabis con aceite CO2 ser un favorito entre profesionales de la industria.

Cuando ago mi edibles, compro alguna forma de concertado THCa cristales, CBD cristales, cera, o destilado. Lo derrito usando uña caldero doble improvisado, y luego agregó mis otras ingredientes.

Es realmente así de fácil, y con este método tendrás una nueva comprensión de cómo las empresas puede ofrecer asequible edibles mientras sigues ganando dinero. Porque no usas gran parte del producto!

Dosificación 101:

Cuando compras tu concertado, debería indicar una potencia total de cannabinoids y una potencia total de THC. Conozco algunas lectores solamente uso concertado producto de CBD, así que en ese caso usarías una potencia total de CBD.

Con el potencia total de THC, cuál es 71.25% por mía cera. Quiero que cado cucharada tenga 10mg de THC, desde mucho recetas llame por uno o dos días cucharada de agave. Un Google rápido me dijo que había 32 cucharada en una taza. Necesito 10mg por 32 porciones de agave.

Potencia deseada(10mg) x potencia de tu concertado(.7125) = 14.035mg actualidad

Actualidad(14.035) x Porciones(32) = 449.1228mg

449.128mg x 1000 = .449g approximadamente .45g de concertado

Sabiendo que necesito aproximadamente 45% of mío gramo, usar una escala digital o una cantidad aproximada. Mío escala digital esta roto o necesitas pilas; lo que básicamente significa que está roto 🤣

Ahora a la receta!

Toma tu cera, y colocar en la caldera doble derretir la cera. Puedes dejar que la cera se derrito por completo antes de agregar agave o agregue cera y agave para calentar juntos. Quiero mi agave espesar así que los calenté juntos.

El tiempo de fusión depende de tu concertado, pero mío tomo aproximadamente 30 minutos. Una vez derretido, uso una bata o licuadora de immersion por 15 minutos, con el calor de apagó pero todavía en una olla con agua.

Después 15 minutos, o más fresco, retirar del fuego y batir más. Acerca de 15-20 minutos. Dejar enfriar la mezcla de agave mantendrá la cera.

Transfiere el agave a un contenedor de vidrio, lo cual es crucial para preservar el sabor y porque la mezcla aún está tibia. Puedes usar el agave ahora o colocarlo en el refrigerador para espesar y enfriar.

Mantenga el agave infundido en la nevera para conservar.

Cómo fue eso?! No está mal! Uso eso agave en mi té o para aderezo para ensalada, bbq salsa, y recetas para el cuidado de la piel. Cómo usarás esta receta? Que le gustaría ver la próxima semana?

Auténticamente tuyo,

Kelcie Kush

Munchie Mondays – Infused Agave Recipe!

Hola Amigas!

Kush Kitchn’s first recipe! Infused Agave, vegan friendly, and with pro tips!

I am sooo excited for this post because it is paired with my first Youtube video for the Kush Kitchn, and begins our Munchie Mondays series. Let’s get to the blog part of this post!

I have been using THC and CBD to treat my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for years preferring to make my own edibles; however I hated the traditional process of infusing an oil with flower because it smelled and I never knew what my the dosing was. Since I use this primarily for the health benefits, I needed to know how many milligrams per serving.

Well heres a tip from the industry: your favorite edibles are made with a cannabis oil with CO2 oil being a favorite amongst industry professionals.

Therefore when I make my edibles, I buy some form of concentrate from THCa crystals, CBD crystals, wax, or distillate. I then melt that down, using a makeshift double boiler, and then add my other ingredients.

It really is that easy, and with this method you will have a new understanding of how companies can offer affordable edibles while still making money. Cuz you aren’t using that much of the product!

Dosing 101:

When you purchase your concentrate, it will usually state a total cannabinoid potency and a total THC (or CBD) potency. Which potency total you use it up to your personal preference. If you don’t care for the psychoactive elements, then use the total cannabinoid potency; this maximizes product usage and total cannabinoid benefits. For those who want that high, use the Total THC potency. I know there are some readers who only use CBD concentrate products so in that instance you would use the Total CBD potency.

Now that we have out total THC content, which is 71.25% for my wax. You then need to understand the dosing. I wanted every tablespoon of agave to have 10mg of THC since most recipes I use call for one or two tablespoons of a sweetener. A quick google told me that there are 32 tablespoons in a cup, so I would need 10mg per 32 servings of agave.

infused agave, vegan friendly, plant based, infused recipes, mmj, edibles, cannabis edibles, colorado

Desired Potency(10mg) x Potency(.7125) = 14.035mg actual

Actual(14.035) x Servings(32) = 449.1228mg

449.128mg x 1000 = .449g ~ .45g of concentrate

So knowing I need about 45% of my wax, I was able to estimate the wax needed. You can also purchase digital scales fairly cheaply but mine is either broken or needs batteries; which basically means it’s broken.

Now to the recipe!

Take you wax, and place in your double boiler to let it melt down. You can let the wax melt first and then add a cup of agave, or place the wax and agave in at the same time and let them warm up together. I wanted my agave to thicken up so I had them warm up together.

The time to melt will depend on they concentrate but mine took about 30 minutes. Once the wax melted, I took my immersion blended and mixed it for about 15 minutes, with the heat turned off but still sitting in the pot.

Once the measuring cup was cooler, I removed it from the pot and placed on my cutting board while I blended for another 15-20 minutes. I think this step is important because letting your mixture cool quicker will keep the wax emulsified.

I then transferred the agave to a glass container, which is crucial to preserve the flavor and because the agave is still warm. I then place the agave into the fridge to let it thicken up more, but you could use it at this point.

Make sure that you place the infused agave into the fridge when not using, this will help it last longer and ensure the effects.

How was that?! Not too bad right! I use this agave in my tea or also to make salad dressings, bbq sauces, and in some skin care recipes! How are you going to use this recipe? What would you like to see next?

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush

Life Updates and News!

Let’s just get into things

I’m unemployed. Still stings to say it but honestly I’m actually pretty thankful about it. I thought it was my dream job, and thought it was gonna give me the freedom to just create. There was way to much change going on without necessary leadership for guidance. It also became obvious that my creative freedom had very defined limits and that it was an uphill battle just to start, so like I said I’m viewing this as an opportunity.

Before I go further, I want to address how lucky I am that things worked out as they did. This privilege is allowing me to switch gears and focus while many out there are just figuring out how to survive and pay their bills. I want anyone who is struggling to know that I am with you and will continue to fight to make things better! You are needed, special, and loved.

Back to the content! I’m switching many focuses so I will be finishing my degree because I’m tired of being in school 🤣

As for the blog, I’m gonna switch things up a little bit. Firstly, I’m gonna be posting so much more! I’m gonna be giving out recipes and tips for integrating cannabis into your day to day life! This site will also become a place to learn about Multigenerational and Sustainable Living!

Be prepared for tips on making edibles, topicals, or other cannabis items. Be ready to learn about living with a ton of people in one house, and cheap and easy DIYs for your house! As always I’m in a state of nervous excited energy, be ready for all the posts!

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush