Taking Edibles and Dabs because stitches!

Hola mis amigas!!

My weekend did not get better, but ended with me in the ER getting stitches in my finger and having limited hand mobility. So we are taking edibles and lots of dabs because I need to forget about my hand for a little bit.

I also share the trick to how I maintain my positivity and happiness, even in these locura times.

I hope you enjoy this video, now go crush your week!

Authentically tuyo,

Kelcie Kush

CannaCrispies! Cannabis Infused Rice Crispy Treats!!

Hola Amigas! y Bienvenidos!

With the craziness and stress around Coronavirus, I have been craving sweets like none other. I realized I had all the ingredients for these, was literally dreaming about rice crispy treats!

This recipe comes together with just a couple ingredients, and bonus these ones will have you vibing and obviously stoned. Watch the video above to learn how I made these, or continue reading for the full recipe!


8 cups of puffed rice cereal

1/2 cup regular butter

2 bags of Dandies Marshmallows for vegan, any other 10 oz bag is good too

1/4 cup CannaButter

1 tsp vanilla extract, maple or agave are decent substitutes.

Before starting, put your 8 cups of cereal into a large mixing bowl. I also suggest grabbing a pair of gloves and sitting next to the bowl for when we mix.

In a pot, on low heat; add 1/2 cup regular butter, vanilla extract, and 1 bag of marshmallows. Mix to evenly coat the marshmallows in the butter to help melt them without burning. I suggest folding the marshmallows and butter, as that worked really well to mix and melt.

Once the marshmallows are pretty well melted, add the second bag and your 1/4cup of Canna Butter. Mix together quickly, continue on low heat. I like some clumps of marshmallow just go until you are either tired of waiting or it gets to your preferred consistency.

Throw the marshmallow mixture into your mixing bowl, and fold them together. I literally just throw rice cereal on top of the marshmallow and collapse, then continue until it looks nice and incorporated!

Place into a dish lined with plastic wrap and let it chill for at least 2 hours.

**Keep these away from children, and also label it so that nobody gets an unwelcomed surprise!

That’s it! You can make these quickly and cheaply at your house rather than buying them at your local dispensary! You can also used Fruity Pebbles Cereal.

Seriously amigas, if you make this please show me by tagging me or mentioning me in the comments of the post! I will hype up your edibles because I love people who find the joy in homemade edibles!!

What other cannabis edibles would you like to see? Any other cannabis related videos you’d like to see or questions you need answered? Ask me!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday, and hopefully this recipe makes your week even better!!

Authentically Yours,


Northern Standard Product Review!

Hola Amigas!

How are you guys doing? I hope things are getting better for you! As for me, today was rough and I haven’t felt like myself all day, which is why this video is out soo late! Thank you to everyone who is supporting me via Youtube, WeedTube, Blog, Instagram, or TikTok! Deciding on this path was very difficult so having any supporters means the world to me!

Anywho, this week I have another Product Review for you! Be prepared, I have been finding all sorts of goodies recently so there will be more reviews coming soon.

A friend gave me this edible to try and tell him my opinion to help his dispensary, I wasn’t paid for my views and to be honest, I’m sure alot of people would rather me keep my view to myself lol!

Please check out the video for my full opinion but it was delicious and definitely a good product to buy for a regular chocolate bar. Sadly this is not a vegan friendly edible, which is why I downgraded the score from a 5 to a 4.5!

I will write out my full blog for this video over the next day or two, but I need to eat some soup and curl into a ball!

So thank you so much for supporting me, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am! I just want you to know that I love all of you, and I am rooting for you and I hope your week is going well and if it hasn’t, then I hope this video can bring some sunshine to you!

Adios Amigos! Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush

Wyld Products Review! Try-It Tuesday!

Hola Amigas!

I was fortunate enough to get some Wyld Edibles from a budtender friend who trusts my opinions on edibles. So I decided to record a video so that people know what to expect when purchasing these gummies!


I absolutely love Wyld’s Packaging because it is instantly recognizable and very compact which decreases waste. As most edibles come with 10 servings, but big packaging, I was just immediately in love.

Taste and Recipe

The Marionberry was the absolute best flavor; marrionberry is just a boujee blackberry. The taste and color were really appealing. My next favorites were the Strawberry and pomegranate.

My least favorite were the peach and raspberry because these had a very prevalent weed taste to them. If you don’t mind the weed flavor then you will probably love these ones!

My only complaint with these edibles is that they aren’t vegan friendly as they use gelatin to set the gummy. This was really disappointing because this company is based in Oregon, and I know there is a large (and growing) population of vegans in Oregon and other West Coast states. Sadly these mean I won’t be purchasing any time soon, because I only pay for vegan friendly edibles.


These worked very well! When I get high, I imagine a scale of 1-5 Kelcie’s. Which is basically the faces I make at various levels of highness. If you want to see those faces, watch the video! They are hilarious! Wyld’s gummies got me to 5 Kelcie’s so I had a good night even though I think we just watched tv in bed.

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 Zebra’s

If Wyld sees this, I will give you guys a 5 if you switch to a vegan friendly recipe!!!

Have you tried these edibles yet? What did you think of them? Are there other products you want me to review? Comment below to let me know!

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush

California Edibles Review!

Hello Friends!

I have been working on this review for a while! When I say “working” I mean getting high a lot and trying to remember my thoughts!

Without further ado, my first review!

The first edible, of three, is KushyPunch’s Sugarfree Lychee Gunmy. Which boasts full spectrum oil and sixty minute activation; with 10 milligrams of THC and .1 milligram of CBD.

I promised to be honest, so no hate to KushyPunch these just weren’t what I was expecting. Most of the gummies I have had are the sugar coated ones, and so that was my expectation. I figured that these would be a firmer texture and this was like jello but slightly firmer.

The other thing may be a cultural difference. I live in Colorado am used to our edibles. Most of them have masked the cannabis flavor or just don’t have one that’s prevalent. This was not the case with these, that earthy weed taste is all I got, mixed with a sweet after taste. The high was good! I normally take an edible then vape or smoke some flower to help, the edible kick in. I felt the edible high within 30 minutes and it lasted for a while!

Also I noticed this giant bubble, so that was disappointing. Lastly, these were kind of difficult to separate, I had to pull pretty hard to finally get one or two servings. I think it’s supposed to be you punch the gummy through the aluminum. I tried and the stuff is so squishy that I literally couldn’t! Although, I did think that I had messed up the gummy, but it was fine! Let’s just say I won’t be going back, but this was the cheapest edible from the delivery service.


Cheap AF

Very discreet size


Difficult to dose due to poor packaging

Strong weed flavor (unless you like that)

Quality Control is lacking

Overall I would give this one out of five zebras! 🦓

Edibles in the tin

The second edible I purchased is by PLUS in the Unwind Category with Blackberry and Lemon flavors. Each gummy has 4.5 milligrams of THC and .5 milligrams of CBD .

This does have two flavors so I will start with the Lemon. These gummies are pretty traditional with a sugar coating however these are really firm, like a warm starburst. The lemon comes through nicely, as does a decent taste of weed. The blackberry gummies have a stronger initial flavor and weed flavor, I didn’t mind it as much with the blackberry as I did with the lemon. Quick side note, I really enjoyed the packaging and found that I would just play with the tin.

To show the size

The high hit quick for me, like maybe 20 minutes! I don’t think I would purchase these gummies again, because of the texture. I am very picky and textures are my biggest problem area. The quick high isn’t enough to make me forget that texture or the stronger weed taste.


Fast High

2 flavors!

Packaging was fun


Really firm

Not for high tolerance users

This gets 3 out of 5 Zebras! 🦓🦓🦓

Lastly, Rose Los Angeles Delights which are like a Turkish Delight. I do want to say sorry to Rose, I didn’t treat the delights nicely and so they don’t look great in the images. They did look awesome when I first got them. I believe that these are meant to have about 5mg of THC per delight, mine had a potency of 4.68 mg per delight.

These were my favorite edibles out of this bunch! The texture is what I was expecting and the flavors were insane. When I make my own edibles, I try to blend the flavor of the cannabis with the food; and that is what Rose Los Angeles has done. They used a single strain Orange Fire Rosin. Lets get to the flavors there’s Rose Hibiscus, Alphonso Mango, Matcha Coconut Lime, and Sour Cherry Vanilla. The Rose Hibiscus was perfect as the hibiscus is the first flavor, typically rose flavored things are over powering but this mixed with the resin flavor to give just a hint of rose. The alphonso mango was super interesting, the mango was the first taste but then there was an earthy-spiciness which I am assuming comes from the rosin. The matcha coconut lime, isn’t my favorite but I’m not a huge matcha fan. That being said I really enjoyed how the flavors played off each other, but didn’t get a coconut flavor. The Sour Cherry Vanilla is my favorite! It has all the tastes first you get the sour cherry, but then a spicy citrus from the rosin, then the vanilla and spiciness blend for the final taste. Due to the lower THC content, I did increase my normal dosing but I don’t think that was necessary. I found the high to be more of a head high which is due to the terpenes being ingested which thus effects the high.

As for the packaging, it’s pretty and minimalistic and has a soft touch card stock. The two “issues” are I struggled to figure out what the companies name is because it’s not really on the packaging. Lastly, I don’t understand how the packaging is supposed to open because mine just ripped. This isn’t a major issue for me because I struggle to open most packaging; usually I purposefully mess up the Child Resistant (CR) feature.


Flavors are on point! 4 Choices!

Loved the Turkish Delight texture – felt fancy AF


Can’t leave in your car, which you shouldn’t do with any edible

I give these 5 Zebras out of 5! 🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓

I hope you enjoyed my review of these edibles! What Colorado Brands are you guys curious about?

Authentically Yours,

Kelcie Kush